Van de Beek to lead Ajax past Tottenham Hotspur

If you told anybody that Ajax would be in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions league with one away goal advantage four months ago, they would smile and walk away. The Dutch team continued with its Cinderella story as they defeated Tottenham Hotspur by one goal giving them an away goal advantage at Tottenham new stadium. It was 22-year-old van de Beek goal that secured a win for the Dutch side team.

Ajax has been able to go past some of the giants in European football after defeating the title holders Real Madrid in the 16th round and later went to surprise Juventus with their star forward Cristiano Ronald by defeating them 1-2 and booking a date with Tottenham. This young team is only 90 minutes away from reaching UEFA Champions League finals.

van de Beek was not yet born the last time Ajax was in the Finals of UEFA cup and if the scores remain this way and they qualify he will have led the team to the finals 23 years later.

Tottenham Hotspur was missing some of the key Players, Harry Kane the star forward is out because of an injury while Son Heung-min did not play as a result of a yellow card he received during the game between Manchester City and Tottenham. Tottenham was not really prepared for these games as they made numerous mistakes, losing the ball easily and making poor shots. If no changes are made in the team, Ajax may book their spot in the Champions League very early.

Cait Logan

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