Taylor Swifts Answers Fans Question During the Billboard Music Awards

For the first time on stage Taylor swift and Brendon Urie came together on Wednesday at the billboards music awards to give Swifts new brand single Me its first live debut.

The show began with drum corps clad in pink to match with Taylors pink and white sequin dress.

Swift emerged to dance with her team of dancers before Urie appeared in a flying umbrella. The duo then broke into choreographed dance moves while referencing their music video and ending the performance with dancers dancing with umbrellas spiraling from the roof.

Before the concert began Swift Joined E! to answer various questions from her fans in a pre-taped video.

First Swift talked about filing the ME! music video together with Urie which was premiering on Friday.

In the video, Swift said that the most fun part when filming the music video was when she had to fight with Brendon in French and also while they tried to get their pronunciation right and keep the cats away from the couch.

She also talked about the newest member of her family, Benjamin Button, her latest cat.

Button joins her other two cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson.

Speaking with Robin Roberts from ABCs on the night before the singled Friday debut, SWIFT said that the music video is all about embracing individuality, celebrating it and owing to it.

She said that with a pop song it’s easy to get t stuck into people minds and that she wants the song to make people feel better about themselves.

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