Rand Paul Warns Pompeo That He Does Not Have Permission to Go to War in Iran

Mike Pompeo who is the secretary of state went to capitol hill on Wednesday to defend the trumps administration request budget fiscal for 2020.
However, lawmakers grilled him with questions about other various matters around the world from Iran, North Korea to central America. Below is main discussions from Pompeo’s nearly three hours before the Senate foreign relations committee.

War with Iran

Senator Rand Paul suggested that the trump administration was planning on taking military action against Iran. Paul asked Pompeo if the trump admiration thought it had the authority to go to war with Iran under congress 2011 authorization to attack the terrorists who stroked the US on 9/11. Pompeo responded and said that he preferred leaving that matter with the lawyers.

Cutting Help to Central American Countries

Democrats also bashed the trumps administration from cutting aid to Central American countries. Pompeo announced the decision of cutting aid amidst pressure from Trump who complained that the central American countries are not doing enough to stop their citizens from migrating to the US.

Senator Bob Mendez said that the action would only create instability in the said regions and drive more people into the border due to hopelessness and fear. Pompeo later defended the decision saying that the aid was not working on improving the living conditions in central American countries.
Pompeo also evaded a series of similar questions including question like whether he agrees with Trump that the US should close the southern border.

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