Obama, Oprah, and Branson Advise Small Business Owners

It turns out that Obama, Oprah, and Branson can offer great insights for small business owners.
These three were the main speakers addressing a crowd of 11,000 at Qualitrix summit. Although neither of the speeches was about politics, Obama did advise people to respect democracy and each other. Below are some of the insights which can help business owners.

Dealing with Your Ego

Obama said that if you take away your ego from what you are doing it will enable you to do it much better, and you get more accomplished. He also said that the problem with many people in big jobs is that they feel like they have every answer. He said that during his term as president he did not shy away from asking for help to the people who were more experienced than him in a particular fiend.

Being Clear On Your Goals

Oprah Winfrey said that one thing that people should do is to be clear on their goals. She also said that she does not do anything without thinking. Oprah also said that she tells her staff not to come to her with ideas if they don’t know the reason behind doing it.


Obama and Branson both had sound advice when it came to hiring new stuff. Obama said that every time he was hired he made sure that he hired people for the right reasons.
Branson said that when hiring you should find a person who is better than you. Find a person who will run the day to day activities well and also to avoid doing everything by yourself.

Josh Goodhue

Josh Goodhue is a journalist and political commentator and analyst. He writes a political column for the Journalist Observer, he also contributes political articles to various periodicals and is a frequent guest on news shows about the state of politics in the country. He has had years of experience in the field of policy making, and has worked for (and with) several organizations focused on creating a political awareness among the country’s citizens. He has a degree in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School Of Government, and an MFA in Creative Writing from the California Institute Of Integral Studies.

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