Obama discouraged Joe Biden from contesting 2016 presidential Election

Barrack Obama discouraged Joe Biden not to run for the presidency in 2016 allowing Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party presidential aspirant, this is according to Joe Biden. Joe Biden was the Vice president for Barrack Obama for 8 years where they had lots of successful reason. According to our sources here are some of the reasons why we think Obama discouraged Biden.

Biden son had died

On March 2015, Joseph R. Biden III died at the age of 46 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as a result of Brain Cancer. Joe was the former Attorney general of Delaware and the first elder son for Joe Bidden. This really affected Bidden and Obama felt that he was not ready for criticism and long hours of the campaign.

Hillary Clinton was the best nominee

Obama believed that Hillary Clinton was the best Democratic Party nominee and therefore it was advisable for Biden to step down and allow her to contest. Hillary nomination really changed the politics as more women came in support of Hillary Clinton and gave them the courage to contest on other political seats.

Run for president thrice.

Joe Bidden had already contested three times for the Presidential tickets in the year 1984, 1988 and 2008 and none of them was successful. Obama team felt that his age which was 72 during 2016 presidential elections would affect his election.

Biden regrets his decision not to contest for the presidential election but he believes he has a second chance to defeat the current President Donald Trump.

Josh Goodhue

Josh Goodhue is a journalist and political commentator and analyst. He writes a political column for the Journalist Observer, he also contributes political articles to various periodicals and is a frequent guest on news shows about the state of politics in the country. He has had years of experience in the field of policy making, and has worked for (and with) several organizations focused on creating a political awareness among the country’s citizens. He has a degree in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School Of Government, and an MFA in Creative Writing from the California Institute Of Integral Studies.

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