Jill Biden Tells Anita Hill That it’s Time to Move On

Jill Biden told host Rachael martin in an interview with NPR`S morning edition that is high time Anita Hill moved on from the controversy surrounding her husband.

After beginning his presidential campaign bidden called Anita Hill to apologize to her. Hill said that his apology only was not enough for her. She said that she could not be satisfied just because Biden told her that he was sorry. She added that she would only be comfortable when she sees that there is real change, accountability, and purpose.

When Jill Biden was asked why Joe Biden had not called to apologize to Hill before starting his presidential campaign, Jill Biden responded by saying that maybe it was not the right time and Biden did not know whether Hill would take his call.

Despite Hill`s rejecting the apology, Jill Biden thinks that Joe Biden’s apology should be accepted. He said that Joe Biden had called Anita Hill and they talked, and he believes that now is probably time for Hill to move on.

According to Jill Biden, it was Joe Biden’s will to call Anita Hill and apologize for his misconduct.

Anita Hill testified in October 1991 in the senate judiciary committee about sexual harassment which she encountered with Clarence Thomas during the time that she worked with him.

Biden has faced a lot of criticism from that time since he refused to call collaborating witness to support Hill`s testimony despite the willingness of several women to do so at the time.

Josh Goodhue

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