I am a young and vibrant man; Trumps says he can easily beat Biden

I am a young and vibrant man; this was the response of Donald Trump on if his age will affect the 2020 presidential elections. Donald Trump, 72 will compete with two of the leading competitors Joe Biden, 76 and Sen. Bernie Sanders, 77.

Trump believes he can easily beat the former Vice President in the race of the white house. Biden is the latest presidential aspirant to announce he will be contesting in the 2020 presidential elections and it seems the presidential polls are already in his favor.

Biden has been in politics for a very long period of time being the Delaware senator from the year 1975 to 2009 when he took over as the vice president of the United States under the leadership of Barack Obama for two terms.

In response to Donald Trump comments, Biden said if Trump was what he said he was then he should probably go home

“Look, everybody knows who Donald Trump is. The best way to judge me is to watch — see if I have the energy and the capacity. It’s just, you know, a show-me business.”

During an interview, Biden also said the term used to refer to him by Trump “Sleepy Joe,” was totally the opposite of his name and character and if anybody would give him nickname it would be ‘Hyper Joe,’

It’s only a few days after Joe Biden announced he will be in the ballot box and already the battle of words has already started. Therefore this is just the beginning lots of Biden vs Trump drama is expected.

Cait Logan

Cait Logan is a journalist, a regular editorial writer for the Journalist Observer, and a columnist for the Sun newspaper. She writes a weekly sports column giving readers insight into the happenings and internal working of the world of sports. She covers sports including tennis, golf, rugby, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, snowboarding, cricket. She also contributes to the online sports magazine Kick. She has a bachelors degree in Creative Writing from the University Of California, Los Angeles, and a bachelors in Journalism from Duke University. She also holds a Masters and Ph.D. in Journalism from Columbia University.

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