House Intelligence Committee Dems Subpoena full Mueller report

In the dramatic escalation of the ongoing battle between the administration of Donald Trump and the House Democrats, House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed the Justice Department over access to special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report and underlying evidence, as confrontation intensifies on Wednesday.

These rise hours after the House Judiciary Committee voted as to hold William Barr the Attorney General in congress contempts for not providing the same. The reports contain sensitive grand jury materials and must be redacted by law, this according to the Republicans.

By May 15th, Barr is to produce the documents this according to the Intelligence committee. Adam Schiff chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the top Republican in the committee, Devin Nunes Rep California, they have asked for unredacted Mueller report for weeks said that he has “no choice” but to compel the compliance. In any attempt to ignore or reject the request then the panel will be forced to take legal action.

The Justice Department Spokeswoman Kerri Kupec did not offer any comment on that.

Being White house hesitated on invoking privileges, Trump told his political advisers and staff to no cooperate with the Democrats, with believes that the goal is to damage him politically as he head to his re-election campaign.

Kerri Kupec Justice department spokeswoman said, “it was very disappointing that member of Congress has chosen to engage in such inappropriate political theatrics.” She added that “Barr made extraordinary efforts to provide Congress and the public with information about Mueller report.”

Josh Goodhue

Josh Goodhue is a journalist and political commentator and analyst. He writes a political column for the Journalist Observer, he also contributes political articles to various periodicals and is a frequent guest on news shows about the state of politics in the country. He has had years of experience in the field of policy making, and has worked for (and with) several organizations focused on creating a political awareness among the country’s citizens. He has a degree in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School Of Government, and an MFA in Creative Writing from the California Institute Of Integral Studies.

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