Gigi Hadid’s Fans Are Not Too Excited About Her Partnership with McDonald

Gigi Hadid is being roasted over her new partnership with McDonald’s.

The supermodel who is 23 posted a photo of herself eating french-fries. She posted the pictures on Instagram during the first weekend of Coachella Sunday.

We can say that the majority of Hadid`s fans were not too excited with both the photos and the caption.

Social media users grilled her for promoting a fast food chain to millions of her followers.

One user wrote that they did not understand why she was promoting McDonald’s. She continued to write that she did not understand why an intelligent and well-informed person like Hadid would want to be affiliated by a company like McDonald. She also said that even if she wanted to make money, there were many ways of staying fed and hydrated.

Other people told Hadid on social media that she was beautiful, but she should not be promoting foods which lead to obesity and harm people lives.

Hadid`s Instagram a profile has about 47 million followers making her quite influential and sought after by advertisers.

Other fans expressed their envy on Hadid`s newfound gig.

Forbes reported that Hadid pocketed $9.5 million in 2018 although it was unclear of how much she got paid by McDonald’s.

Hadid did not reply to any of them, and she did not take down the French fries’ photo on her Instagram account. USA today also reached out to Hadid`s rep for comments.

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