Everton’s Plans to Sign Kurt Zouma from Chelsea Thrown into Serious Doubt after FIFA Upheld the Ban on the London Club

Today FIFA upheld the decision to prevent Chelsea from signing new players for two consecutive transfer windows after the London club was charged with signing underage players. The decision by FIFA is expected to have severe impacts on the upcoming transfer market. With the ban, Chelsea is more likely to turn to their players who have been on loan including Kurt Zouma who Everton are quite keen to sign once the transfer window opens.

Now heading to the summer, Chelsea will look to bolster their squad and are prepared to take their case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and try to get the ban lifted. If the appeal is successful, then chances of Kurt Zouma moving to Merseyside on a long-term deal will increase tremendously.

With the ban, Chelsea is only allowed to sign players below 16 years old. It’s going to be one tough task considering FIFA had previously turned down Chelsea’s request and the decision has since then been made to hold.

Chelsea was hit with a £460,000 fine and FIFA released a statement saying that the appeal committee had decided to uphold the decision partially and that may be a significant blow to the club. The ban applies to the club as a whole with only exemption coming from the women’s team. It does not, however, prevent the release of players. Now with weeks to the summer transfer window, Everton will be hoping the ban can be lifted and land the French man to Merseyside.

Cait Logan

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