Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry Welcomes Baby Boy

Meghan and prince harry welcomed their baby boy on Monday. According to Buckingham Palace, the boy weighed 7 pounds and 3 ounces. That means that the royal baby was born exactly one year after the love birds got married at Windsor Castle in 2018.

The statement released said that all the royal family members together with Harry’s maternal uncles and aunts were all informed on the birth of the royal baby and they were delighted with the news.

Dorian Ragland who is Meghan’s mother is overjoyed with the news of her first grandchild, and she is with the Duchess at the Frogmore Cottage.

Meghan and her son are both doing well. Prince Harry went ahead to say that he and Meghan had a baby boy early in the morning and that the baby and the mother are both doing well.

Harry said that the birth of his son is one of the most amazing things he has ever experienced. He said that the two had not yet decided on the name of the baby since he arrived early; hence they have heard little time to think about names.

The birth statement was released an hour after Megan went into labor with her husband by her side. The baby boy is Queens Elizabeth’s II eighth grandchild, the first American mixed race baby born into the family and seventh in line to the throne.

The Duke and the Duchess look forward to sharing the great news with everyone once they have celebrated as a family.

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