Donald Trump Welcomes NASCAR Champion to the White House and Honours Him

Joey Logano, NASCAR champion gave trump a trophy and a racing helmet on Tuesday.

The president returned the favor by giving Logano and his team an exclusive tour of the Lincoln bedroom.

Trump told the NASCAR 2018 champion that he would give him a personal tour because he is special during a rare event tour that was happening at the white house.

Several champions who won rejected trumps invitation to the white house but NASCAR was glad to accept the invitation. Polls indicate that the president is very famous among the NASCAR fans and officials. Many of the fans and patrons are middle-class male southerners, and trump went a step ahead and praised the sport together with the patrons.

During an event on the south lawn, the president praised Logano and his racing car, a yellow ford which was parked on a nearby driveway.

The president told Logano that the car was beautiful and that it was a bit faster as compared to the other cars, but that was most likely to do with his right foot.

Trump went ahead and paid tribute to NASCAR saying that the sport embodied the American spirit. Penske and Logano responded by thanking the president. They also paid tribute to law enforcement and military for protecting the country so that the people can live their lives how they want to without any fear.

Logano was still astounded that his yellow ford was sitting right outside the white house.

Cait Logan

Cait Logan is a journalist, a regular editorial writer for the Journalist Observer, and a columnist for the Sun newspaper. She writes a weekly sports column giving readers insight into the happenings and internal working of the world of sports. She covers sports including tennis, golf, rugby, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, snowboarding, cricket. She also contributes to the online sports magazine Kick. She has a bachelors degree in Creative Writing from the University Of California, Los Angeles, and a bachelors in Journalism from Duke University. She also holds a Masters and Ph.D. in Journalism from Columbia University.

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