Democrats Bash Trump’s Idea to Send Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities

The exposure on Thursday that the white house had made attempts to pressure the immigration authorities into releasing the immigrants into sanctuary cities did not settle well with Democrats.

The Democrats termed the Trump administration as cruel and inhumane.

According to the Washington Post, the plan was planned to retaliate against Democrats and target the sanctuary cities in liberal monopolies. However, the idea did not come to fruition after a lack of support from the customs enforcement and US immigration.

The ICE also rejected the plan, but at first, it thought it was a fuss. Immigration advocates and members of the congress called the whole plan to be inhumane and requested for those who were voting for the plan in trumps administration to be held accountable.

The white house did not reply to the inquiries about the proposal immediately. In a statement in the Washington post, the white house said that the plan was just a suggestion and it was rejected.

The post said that the purpose of the proposal was to help solve the bed shortage issues in the immigration centers and also to retaliate against the sanctuary cities to send a message to the Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi’s who is the house speaker was mainly targeted according to the post.

The post stated that the white house wanted to transport some of the immigrants into her congressional district in San Francisco.
Alyssa Milano, an actress, and activist referred to the proposal as sick and twisted. Other activists also joined in and denounced the plan.

Josh Goodhue

Josh Goodhue is a journalist and political commentator and analyst. He writes a political column for the Journalist Observer, he also contributes political articles to various periodicals and is a frequent guest on news shows about the state of politics in the country. He has had years of experience in the field of policy making, and has worked for (and with) several organizations focused on creating a political awareness among the country’s citizens. He has a degree in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School Of Government, and an MFA in Creative Writing from the California Institute Of Integral Studies.

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