Brian Sims is Insolent Amidst Uproar Over Niggling Anti-Abortion Protesters

Brian Sims, a democratic Pennsylvania state representative, seems defiant amid uproars for a video he posted of himself confronting anti-abortion activists who were protesting outside a planned parenthood facility in Philadelphia.

In response to the videos, the chairman of the PRP called upon Brian Sims to apologize. Ted Cruz called Simms a hateful, angry democrat. But Sims was unshaken, and he answered his critics by tweeting and telling them to bring it on bible bullies.

Abortion rights opponents have planned a protest outside the same clinic where Sims was chasing the activist away.

In the video which was posted on his social media account, Sims approached a group of five protesters who Sims says that they were shaming young girls outside the entrance of the planned parenthood facility.

A female adult then approached Simms and told him that the girls were only there to pray for the babies. Sims then offered $100 for any person who would identify the five girls.

Ted Cuz criticized sims for the video saying that Sims in an angry and hateful democrat who is offering $100 bounty for the identity of the girls praying outside the facility.

Sims later returned to the same facility and shot another video which he then shared on Twitter. Sims said that he thinks the facility which is in his state is one of the most protested planned parenthood facility in the country.

Sims then approaches a woman who seems to be praying and then calls her today’s protesters. He then accuses the woman of being involved in a racist act of judgment.

Josh Goodhue

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